Personalized support

Equipping parents of kids with hearing loss with trusted resources and practical guidance to feel confident, empowered, and prepared while you navigate your child's hearing journey.


Finding out your child has hearing loss can be 


How did this happen?

What does this mean for my child's future?

What are the next steps? 

I wish I had someone I could talk to help me make sense of everything and tell me it's going to be okay.


you should not have to go through this journey alone.


  • Have direct access to a pediatric audiologist to answer any questions or concerns - think about me as your lifeline!
  • Gain clarity on your child's hearing loss and how it impacts them.
  • Learn specific tools and resources to help your little one get the most out of their hearing devices.
  • Preparation for upcoming appointments so you know exactly what questions to ask.
  • Gain confidence on how to become a powerful advocate for your child and watch them thrive!


hear for you 

In this 1:1, 30 minute session, I will answer any questions that may be keeping you up at night.


your questions answered

Have a quick question? Want a second opinion? or someone to explain your child's test results? Get your answers directly from a pediatric audiologist.

1:1 chat

From any quick trouble shooting questions about devices or answering any questions, this one-on-one with a pediatric audiologist will help ease your mind.





What I can help with:

✔ review of audiology test results

✔ appointment preparation so you know what to expect prior to meeting with each specialist

✔ customized resources to share with family members, day care providers, teachers, coaches, and more

✔ educational support for IEP or 504 plans

encouragement and emotional support 


✔ explanation of hearing diagnosis 

✔ device help and trouble shooting 

✔ tools and strategies so you and your little one can become powerful advocates

✔ education around treatment options and device candidacy

✔ strategies and support for establishing consistent use of devices 


"Soon after giving birth to my son, I was told he did not pass his hearing screen when in the hospital. Many doctors reassured me that he probably had fluid/vernix in his ears and not to worry. One month later we had a follow up at the audiology clinic and he did not pass again in his left ear. It wasn’t fluid in his ears. I left the office that day crying and confused! I reached out to Kelsey for more explanation of the test results and what to expect next. She walked me through each step of the process and provided the perfect balance of reassurance and knowledge for the follow up appointment. Postpartum is an extremely vulnerable time and to be told your child may not be able to hear at their full potential can be devastating. Kelsey was a blessing and not only did I feel informed, I felt like I had a friend I could count on to be there when I needed to talk. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has received the news of possible hearing loss for their baby and needs support while navigating through the testing and diagnosis process."

Gupreet | mother and physician 

"This was my first time having a child with hearing loss. It was really nice to be able to talk to someone that is also informed and to get advice for how I can help my daughter with her hearing loss."

Maria | Atlanta, GA

“When our daughter was 1 she was experiencing hearing loss due to fluid build up from previous ear infections that wouldn’t resolve. We saw multiple ENTs but no one could really clearly explain the impact of her reduced hearing. We are so grateful we found Kelsey to help us navigate her test results and the best next steps to take! It’s been almost a year and our daughter has made so much progress from following her advice!”

Brittany | Orange County, CA